Sharia In America:

Imam Feisal Abdel Rauf, the 9/11 mosque Imam and other Islamic clerics, in an
attempt to deceive Americans, have repeatedly lied and said that Sharia Law,
Islamic Law, is compatible with the Constitution.  While most Americans are
familiar with the Constitution, the same cannot be said for their familiarity
with Islam.  The information that most Americans get regarding Islam comes from
groups such the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an unindicted
terror co-conspirator and other Islamic apologists, who do not tell the truth,
or the entire truth about Islam.  Sadly, Islam is often called the “religion of
peace”.  Islam is neither a religion or peaceful.  Islam is a theocratic system
of government, wherein every aspect of the Muslim life is governed by Sharia
Law, with one unified goal, to convert, enslave or kill all non-Muslims.  The
few peaceful sections of the Koran, often quoted by Islam and Islamic apologists
were superseded by violent passages, per the Prophet Mohammed, as, before he
raised an army, he was a peace loving prophet, but once he had many followers
and an army, he ceased to be peaceful.  One could argue, and effectively, that
this was a matter of convenience for Mohammed.  One could also argue, and
effectively, that Mohammed was bipolar and not really a prophet, instead hearing
voices, not dumb voices (lest he would have been violent from the beginning),
but voices never the less.  While the worlds religions have evolved and changed
over time, Islam has remained forever mired in the seventh century, because it
is not a religion and it has not accomplished its goal of global governance.  To
that end, the United States of America Defence League (USADL) is seeking to educate all of
America on this issue, for the rabid defenders of Islam tend to attack anyone
who does not defend Islam as peaceful and will kill those who speak the truth
about Islam, just ask them, they will tell you.  

The United States is a country that is identified as being governed by the
rule of law.  Islam will profess the same thing.  However, the Constitution does
not mandate the death, conversion or enslavement of all non Americans, whereas
Sharia Law, under the guise of Jihad, demands that all Muslims participate in
Jihad, waging war against non muslims, to establish the religion.  

In peaceful Islam, a Caliph can hold office through seizure of power, through
the use of force.  The Constitution does not allow for this, nor does it allow
our elected officials to be exempt from crimes such as murder, adultery,
robbery, theft, drinking and rape, even if, some days, it appears that way. 
However, the Caliph can benefit from doing all of these things with

The commands of the Caliph must be obeyed, even if they are not just, which
is probably why Obama believes America can’t ignore his unconstitutional ways. 
Sharia also says that a Caliph must be Muslim, a male and a non slave.  The
Constitution just specifies an age and to be a natural born citizen.  Obama is
beginning to look more like a Caliph and less like a President with each

 Sharia Law dictates that a Muslim who leaves Islam must be killed
immediately.  Imagine the outrage if every time Susan Sarandon threatened to
move to France, she were buried up to her neck in sand and stoned to death? 
Okay, now imagine it with the outrage and without the smile.  Under Sharia Law,
a Muslim is forgiven of murder if they kill an apostate (someone who leaves
Islam), an adulterer or a highway robber, the Constitution does not allow for
murder, even if you are a Kennedy.  

Those who say that there is no difference between Sharia Law and the
Constitution are not stupid.  Sure, some of them are inbred, that is what makes
the religion of perpetual outrage so great, cousins raping cousins, but they are
not dumb, they know what they are doing and that is, trying to create moral
equivalency and stirring outrage when challenged, for they have nothing else to
stand on.  Facts are a troubling thing, unless you are a Muslim, then you just
yell louder, call the people with the facts “Islamaphobes” and threaten to kill
them if they don’t stop telling the truth about Islam.  To that end, the USADL
is growing rapidly, while offering education, outreach and protection to those
who seek to remove themselves from the religion of perpetual outrage.

Bill Turner
Founder: United States of America Defence League - USADL
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First American Patriot Church Radio
American Patriot Commission
Twitter: @Jihadihunter

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    Pastor Turner is the founder of the USADL & The First American Patriot Church.


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